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Blog Review by Connor Rickett


My blog was recently reviewed by Connor Rickett from Cities of the He pointed out some very interesting facts. His major criticism was regarding all the advertisements on my blog.   Click on the badge below or click here and check out the review for yourself.  I personally would love to know if you agree or disagree with Connor.







4 Responses to “Blog Review by Connor Rickett”

  1. Arti via Facebook says:

    Well, that’s NICE, that your blog was reviewed by Connor Rickett. :) Now I just love your blog as I find it full of creative new ideas. I have visited your blog every time I see you posted some thing new. Infact some times enthusiastically waiting for your new artistic piece of work. I don’t remember that I look at the ads that much, cause I am not that interested in the ads. [I guess] But that said… you still can give it a thought.

  2. I think it was a good review, even I feel unnecessary advt’s can be sidetracking

  3. via Facebook says:

    Thank you Arti and Nameeta. Kishori thanks for your cheers & support. I love what I do and am very passionate about it, and its because of you all I am motivated and inspired to do more…. :-)


    hi babita vahini..nice site and I think it was an
    OK review by Mr Conor
    ALL the best for your future projects..Mandar

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