KulKul Kidiyo

Ok, I have to admit. I was supposed to post the recipe for Kulkul during the Holidays. I got too caught up. Even though I had everything ready I was not able to post this recipe on time. Anyway here it is. Kulkul (pronounced as Kalkal) is a sweet deep fried snack. It is prepared […]

Date Rolls

Date Rolls

I had this recipe for date rolls with me for years. It was given to me by my dear friend Janet whose mom used to make it. When I first made this it did not turn out right. The measurement for the ingredients was recorded in grams and milligrams, and I think during conversion I […]


"Shrikhand, Sweetened Greek Yogurt"

Shrikhand is nothing but sweetened Greek yogurt flavored with aromatic cardamom. It is thick and creamy in texture like Greek yogurt however, taste wise it is sweet and tangy unlike Greek yogurt. This dessert is local to the state of Maharastra in India. It is usually made during the festival of Gudi Padwa, which is […]

Kaaju Katli (Cashew Burfi)

Kaju 3

This year for some reason I am running against time. I just started making sweets  yesterday and I am afraid I will not be able to finish everything by Wednesday. I started off by making Kaaju Katli . It’s a sweet made from cashews nuts and are most recognized for their diamond shape. It a […]